California Penal Code Sections

§ 32 PC: Accessory After The Fact

§ 67 PC & § 68 PC: Bribery Of Or By An Executive Officer Or Public Employee

§ 69 PC: Resisting An Executive Officer

§ 85 PC & § 86 PC: Bribery Of Or By Legislators

§ 92 PC & § 93 PC: Bribery Of Judges And Jurors

§ 115 PC: Filing A False Document

§ 118.1 PC: Police Officers Filing False Reports

§ 118 PC: Perjury

§ 132 PC & § 134 PC: Offering Or Preparing False Evidence

§ 135 PC: Destroying Or Concealing Evidence

§ 136.1 PC: Intimidating A Witness Or Victim

§ 137 PC & § 138 PC: Bribery Of Or By Witnesses

§ 141 PC: Planting Or Tampering With Evidence

§ 148.3 PC, § 148.4 PC & § 148.5 PC: Falsely Reporting An Emergency, Fire Or Crime

§ 148.9 PC: False Identification To Police

§ 148(a) PC: Resisting Arrest

§ 154 PC & § 155 PC: Fraudulent Conveyance By A Debtor / Judgment Debtor

§ 166 PC: Violating A Court Order

§ 169 PC: Picketing Near Court To Obstruct Justice

§ 182 PC: Conspiracy

§ 185 PC: Wearing Mask Or Disguise To Evade Police

§ 186.10 PC: Money Laundering

§ 186.22 PC: Gang Enhancements

§ 187 PC: Murder

§ 191.5(a) PC: Gross Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated

§ 191.5(b) PC: Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated - Ordinary Negligence

§ 192(a) PC: Voluntary Manslaughter

§ 192(b) PC: Involuntary Manslaughter

§ 193.8(a) PC: Relinquishing Possession Of A Vehicle To A Minor

§ 203 PC And California Penal Code Section 205 PC: Mayhem And Aggravated Mayhem

§ 206 PC: Torture

§ 207 PC: Kidnapping

§ 209.5 PC: Kidnapping During Carjacking

§ 210.5 PC: False Imprisonment Of A Hostage

§ 211 PC: Robbery

§ 215 PC: Carjacking

§ 217.1(a) PC: Assault On A Public Official

§ 236 PC And California Penal Code Section 237(a) PC: False Imprisonment

§ 240 PC: Assault

§ 242 PC: Battery

§ 243(b) PC And California Penal Code Section 243(c)(2) PC: Battery On A Peace Or Police Officer

§ 243(d) PC: Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury

§ 243(e)(1) PC: Domestic Battery

§ 243.4 PC: Sexual Battery

§ 244 PC: Assault With Caustic Chemicals

§ 245(a)(1) PC: Assault With A Deadly Weapon

§ 245(a)(2) PC: Assault With A Firearm

§ 246 PC: Shooting At An Inhabited Dwelling Or Occupied Car

§ 246.3 PC: Shooting In A Grossly Negligent Manner

§ 247(b) PC: Shooting At An Unoccupied Vehicle Or Building

§ 248 PC: Shining Light At An Aircraft To Impair Operation

§ 261 PC: Rape

§ 261.5 PC: Statutory Rape

§ 270 PC: Failure To Provide Care/Child Neglect

§ 272 PC: Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor

§ 273(g) PC: Lewdness Or Drunkenness In The Presence Of A Child

§ 273(a) PC: Child Endangerment

§ 273(d) PC: Child Abuse / Inflicting Physical Punishment On A Child

§ 273.5(a) PC: Corporal Injury To Spouse

§ 273.6 PC: Violating A Restraining, Protective Or Stay Away Order

§ 278 PC: Child Abduction

§ 278.5 PC: Child Abduction By Depriving Right To Custody Or Visitation

§ 270.1(a) PC: Failure To Supervise Pupil’s School Attendance

§ 290 PC: Failure To Register As A Sex Offender

§ 302 PC: Disturbing A Religious Meeting

§ 303(a) PC: Soliciting Purchase Of Alcohol

§ 314 PC: Indecent Exposure

§ 330 PC: Gaming

§ 332 PC: Obtaining Money by Fraud Through Gaming

§ 337a PC: Pool Selling / Bookmaking / Wagering

§ 337b PC: Bribing Player/Participant To Throw A Sporting Event

§ 337c PC: Accepting Bribe To Throw A Sporting Event

§ 350 PC: Manufacturing Or Selling A Counterfeit Mark

§ 368 PC: Elder Abuse

§ 372 PC and § 373a PC: Public Nuisance

§ 399 PC: Failing To Control A Dangerous Dog/Animal

§ 401 PC: Aid, Advise or Encourage a Suicide

§ 402(a) PC: Sightseeing at the Scene of an Emergency

§ 402(b) PC: Interfering with a Lifeguard During an Emergency

§ 402b PC: Abandoning a Refrigerator without Removing its Door

§ 403 PC: Disturbing A Public Meeting

§ 404.6 PC: Inciting A Riot

§ 405 PC: Participating In A Riot

§ 408 PC: Unlawful Assembly

§ 409 PC and § 416 PC: Refusal To Disperse

§ 409.5(c) PC: Unauthorized Entry Into A Closed Emergency Area

§ 415 PC: Distrubing The Peace

§ 417 PC: Brandishing A Weapon Or Firearm

§ 422 PC: Criminal Threats

§ 422.6 PC, § 422.7 and § 422.75: Hate Crimes

§ 424 PC: Misappropriation of Public Funds

§ 451 PC and § 452 PC: Arson

§ 459 PC: Burglary

§ 463 PC: Looting

§ 464 PC: Safe Blowing

§ 466 PC: Possesion Of Burglary Tools

§ 469 PC: Unauthorized Duplication of Keys to a State Building

§ 470 PC: Forgery

§ 470A PC: Forgery Of A Driver's License

§ 470B PC: Possessing A Fake Driver's License

§ 472 PC: Forging Or Possessing A Fraudulent Public Seal

§ 476 PC: Check Fraud

§ 476A PC: Writing Or Passing "Bad Checks"

§ 484(a) PC and § 488 PC: Petty Theft

§ 484b PC: DIversion Of Construction Loans

§ 484e, § 484f, § 484g, § 484h, § 484i and § 484j PC: Credit Card Fraud

§ 485 PC: Misappropriation Of Lost Property

§ 487 PC: Grand Theft

§ 487(d)(1) PC: Grand Theft Auto

§ 487j PC: Grand Theft Of Copper Materials

§ 496(a) PC: Receiving Stolen Property

§ 499b PC: Unlawful Taking Of A Bicycle Or Vessel

§ 499(c) PC: Theft Of Trade Secrets

§ 502(c) PC: Unauthorized Computer Access And Fraud

§ 503 PC: Embezzlement

§ 518 PC: Extortion

§ 529 PC: False Impersonation

§ 530.5 PC: Identity Theft

§ 530.5(e) PC: Mail Theft

§ 531 PC: Participating In A Fraudulent Conveyance

§ 532 PC: Theft By False Pretenses

§ 537(a) PC: Defrauding An Innkeeper

§ 538(d) PC: Impersonating A Peace Officer

§ 548, § 549, § 550 and § 551 PC: Auto Insurance Fraud

§ 551 PC: Unlawful Referral To An Auto Repair Dealer

§ 587 PC: Injuring Or Obstructing Railroad Tracks

§ 591 PC: Damaging Phone Or Electrical Lines

§ 594 PC: Vandalism

§ 597.7 PC: Leaving A Pet Unattended in a Vehicle

§ 601 PC: Aggravated Trespass

§ 602.1 PC: Interfering Or Obstructing A Public Business Establishment

§ 602 PC: Trespassing

§ 631 PC: Wiretapping

§ 632 PC: Eavesdropping

§ 641.3 PC: Commercial Bribery

§ 646.9 PC: Stalking

§ 647(a) PC: Lewd Conduct

§ 647(b) PC: Prostitution

§ 647(f) PC: Drunk in Public

§ 647(i) PC: Peeking While Loitering

§ 647(j) PC: Invasion Of Privacy

§ 647.6 PC: Annoying or Molesting a Child

§ 653 PC: Tattooing A Minor

§ 653(b) PC: Loitering at a School

§ 653(f) PC: Solicitation

§ 653(m) PC: Annoying Phone Calls

§ 653.22 PC: Loitering For Prostitution

§ 653.23 PC: Supervising Or Aiding Prostitution

§ 664 PC and §21(a) PC: Attempted Crimes

§ 664/187 PC: Attempted Murder

§ 666 PC: Petty Theft With a Prior

§ 12022 PC: Armed with a Firearm

§ 16590 PC: Manufacturing, Selling Or Possessing Dangerous Weapons

§ 18710 PC: Possessing Destructive Devices

§ 18720 PC: Possessing Destructive Device Materials

§ 21310 PC: Carrying A Concealed Dirk Or Dagger

§ 21510 PC: Carrying A Switchblade

§ 25400 PC: Carrying A Concealed Firearm

§ 25850 PC: Carrying A Loaded Firearm

§ 26100 PC: Shooting From a Motor Vehicle

§ 26350 PC: Openly Carrying An Unloaded Handgun

§ 26500 PC: Selling Firearms Without A License

§ 29800 PC: Felon In Possession Of A Firearm

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