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I reached Michael Kraut through one of my friends who recommended him to me. I set an appointment and paid a visit to his office. When I met him, he was very professional and a wonderful person. He listened to me very carefully. He paid attention to all the details and enlightened me with the right legal advice. I feel that he is the right lawyer that I can count on, and I believe in his integrity and honesty. Moreover, Mr. Kraut is very good at communication. He keeps me updated. He calls, emails and provides me with the progress of my case. I would recommend him as one of the best lawyers in LA.

- Abdulrahman

Michael Kraut is outstanding! He genuinely cared about my case and instructed my mom and I throughout the entire process. He was very clear on what he needed in order to receive the best results. He kept us updated until the end. I thank him so much for getting my charges rejected. I highly recommend him to anyone with legal needs!

- Shaquan

I contacted Michael with concern for my personal and business reputation. He was very reassuring and confident the entire time. After about 3 weeks it was determined that no charges were being filed by any agency and I was in the clear of any investigation. One thing that is amazing is just how FAST Michael is at replying to phone calls, texts, and even emails! We are talking under 30 minutes in most cases. That is unheard of for most attorneys! Michael is incredible and not your typical run of the mill attorney. For best results hire him if you feel like you might be under investigation or could face charges. Even if you know you are innocent it is best to take care of the smoke before it becomes a fire.

Very respectfully,
- Brad

Michael Kraut is-hands down-the best criminal defense attorney and I can't begin to thank him for all that he did for me and my family. I reached out to him in the middle of the night and less than a couple hours later, he had gotten back to me and scheduled a meeting. He's a no-nonsense attorney who knows how to get the job done! From the second we retained him, I had peace of mind in knowing that we were in the best hands possible. If Michael Kraut couldn't get it done, I knew that it couldn't be done at all. He took over right away and resolved to get the charges against my family member dropped. Before I knew it, he had gotten the DA to reject the charges altogether and the case never came to be! I am forever indebted to Michael Kraut and his team. Never in a million years could I have imagined that I'd ever need a criminal defense attorney, but I'm so thankful and grateful that I found Michael. You can't put a price tag on your freedom. He was worth every single penny. Thank you, Michael Kraut (a million times over)!

Best regards,
- Lida

Michael Kraut is an outstanding attorney. He was extremely professional, and straightforward, yet sensitive with my case. I am confident I made the right choice by hiring Michael. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a truly experienced lawyer.

- Daniel

Michael Kraut - I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for ​my son. When I came to you I read that you used to be a district attorney but I never knew how much that meant until I watch you in court. I knew it took 3 months but the final day when I heard the judge say that all charges were dismissed it was all worth it! I will always be grateful for all that you did for us.

- A.N.

Mike made himself available to meet with me in person just an hour after I called him for the first time. In our meeting he dealt with everything thoroughly and expeditiously. I left the meeting feeling much relief and at peace after one of the most frightening 24 hr periods of my life. He gave me a new sense of confidence that I was in good hands.

The case seemed to go away for a period, but when it suddenly resurfaced unexpectedly right before Christmas, I was in the unfortunate predicament of being half way across the world in England, my country of origin, visiting family. This was concerning indeed, since a hard copy of a signed document was required by a deadline and the world was about to go on holiday.

I followed Mike's clear instructions and before the year was over news came through that the case had gone into diversion. I never had to appear in court. There was never any trial. And as long as I fulfill the requirements of my probation, the matter will be permanently eradicated from my record as if it never happened. I couldn't have wished for a better Christmas present than that.

- T.L.

I hired Attorney Mike Kraut and I'm am so happy and grateful that I did! I was arrested for a DUI because my BAC level was over the .08 limit. I ended up getting a wet and reckless instead of a DUI. I still have to do some classes and I'm on probation, but I do not have a DUI on my record. If you have a DUI hire Attorney Kraut, he definitely knows his stuff!

- Avvo User

There aren't enough positive words to write about Mike, but let me be clear that this is the only lawyer worth hiring in Los Angeles. Mike is professional, caring, and an absolute champion at winning in court.

- Kyle, Avvo User

Mike Kraut is not a typical lawyer. He is a straightforward person with a true heart and a sympathetic ear. He is also smart and connected and he cares about the people who seek out his help. He got my son out of a jam. He did it quickly and painlessly. I recommend Mike Kraut to anyone that needs his services.
Thank you Mike for helping my son.

- Mark, Avvo User

Michael Kraut is a rock star lawyer. I was really happy and satisfied with the results I received from Michael and his team. A few months back I was being accused of a serious felony. Mike gave me sound legal advice and worked diligently to clear my name. Mike was great at always keeping me updated and returning calls. Great, great lawyer I cant say enough about this man!

- Eric, Google User

How can I express how relieved and pleased I am with Michael's professional abilities to have my Felony brought down to a misdameanor to a possible dismissal with deferment. With his care my life has been turned around and cannot say how helpful he's been not only in my case but life. He, himself has changed how I view criminal lawyers. Thank you so much Michael!

- Owen, Google User

He gave me the peace of mind that my DUI case was going to be resolved. He fought for what it was needed and helped me by answering all my questions. Mike is not an average attorney. He’s a very experienced, honest and straightforward person that is there for you!

- Eve S.

I was charged with assault (417.1A). I was really worried but Mike accepted my case and reassured me and my wife at every meeting that he had a strategy to get my case dismissed. He put in more hours than he billed me for and got my charges dismissed pretrial. I cannot recommend Mike and his staff strongly enough.

- James V.

Client was involved in a major traffic collision caught on video causing the two passengers in the other vehicle to be injured. Client was driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol level of .24%. Kraut Law Group handled case pre-filing and case reduced to a simple first time misdemeanor DUI.

- Michael P.

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