DUI Hotspots in Los Angeles

Drivers often want to know what areas of Los Angeles are hotspots for DUI stops and arrests. Law enforcement agencies throughout the Los Angeles area conduct DUI stops and investigations wherever driving occurs, however there are certain times and locations where DUI arrests are more frequent.

DUI on Freeways

A significant proportion of DUI arrests occurring in the Los Angeles area occur on the hundreds of miles of freeways that traverse the region. The California Highway Patrol (“CHP”) is responsible for patrolling the freeway system and these officers are more likely to make traffic stops on the freeway than local police departments or county sheriffs. Unlike other law enforcement agencies, the CHP deals almost exclusively in traffic-related investigations and DUI offenses make up a large part of their caseload. As a result, CHP officers receive extensive training in conducing DUI investigations and arrests.

Officers will be paying close attention to drivers exhibiting erratic driving conduct while on the freeway, including failing to stay within one’s lane of traffic. At freeway speeds, DUI drivers can be extremely dangerous and the risk posed by DUI collisions is very high.

Drivers stopped for DUI while on the freeway will typically be asked to perform field sobriety tests after being pulled over. If arrested on suspicion of DUI, the driver will be given the option of taking either a breath or blood test.

DUI on City Streets

Local law enforcement agencies in the Los Angeles region are always on the lookout for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs on local city streets. Agencies will conduct patrols of the area and will be paying attention to drivers who are observed violating traffic laws. These officers will be on high alert on nights and weekends, when DUI offenses are most likely to occur. In some cases, there may be a collision where one of the drivers is suspected of being under the influence. In these cases, an accident investigation can quickly turn into a DUI arrest.

Officers will often pay attention to drivers who are observed leaving bars, nightclubs, sporting events and other places where drinking is likely to occur. Officers cannot simply pull over vehicles based on a mere suspicion that the driver is drinking. Instead, the law requires that the officer have reasonable or probable cause to believe the driver has violated the law. If there was insufficient reasonable or probable cause to pull over the driver, the defense can file a motion to suppress all resulting DUI evidence pursuant to California Penal Code Section 1538.5 PC. If granted, the case would likely be dismissed as the prosecution would be unable to proceed.

DUI Checkpoints

California is one of several states that allow law enforcement agencies to conduct DUI checkpoints. These checkpoints allow officers to stop and briefly investigate all drivers passing through a pre-determined location to ensure the driver is not intoxicated and has a valid license.

In Los Angeles, these checkpoints are often set up at popular intersections where there has been a history of DUI incidents. The DUI checkpoint must comply with the strict guidelines established by the California Supreme Court and failure to comply may invalidate any DUI arrest resulting from the checkpoint.

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