Burbank Criminal Lawyers

Burbank Theft Crimes

Burbank crimina lawyerGiven the various popular retail shopping centers, theft related offenses are one of the most committed crimes in the city of Burbank. Thefts can be charged as serious felony offenses if the value of the items taken totals over $950. These theft offenses are taken very seriously by the owners of businesses who are often desirous of prosecution. In the majority of the thefts, the person accused of the theft did not have the requisite intent to commit a crime. In many other situations the accused may have legally valid defenses to combat the charges. Should someone find themselves accused or charged with a theft in Burbank they should immediately talk to an experienced Burbank criminal lawyer.

Burbank Lewd Conduct

lewd conductBurbank Police often target specific areas in order to apprehend individuals committing offenses that involve lewd conduct. Police will often stake out public places like public restrooms, parks, and other public facilities to catch violators in the act. Lewd conduct cases often bring a great deal of shame and embarrassment to the accused which is why it is very important to contact a Burbank criminal defense attorney if charged with such crime. Once a lawyer is involved, in the majority of cases the matter can be handled without the accused ever appearing in court.

Burbank Domestic Violence

spouse abuseDomestic violence calls are among the highest priority calls that law enforcement respond to. Due to the recent upswing in domestic violence incidents in the news, police have become increasingly stricter on handling domestic violence reports. Nowadays a domestic violence call will result in one of the parties being arrested if not both. Prosecutors are also increasingly focused on pursuing these cases even when the alleged victim does not want to move forward with prosecution. Often the difference in obtaining a favorable outcome in a domestic violence case begins with the early assistance of an experienced Burbank criminal lawyer. With the help of an experienced Burbank criminal defense law firm charges can be significantly reduced or rejected altogether.

Burbank Drug Crimes

drug traffickingThe police commit significant amounts of resources to apprehending individuals involved in illegal drug activity. These drug crimes can include offenses beginning with simple possession and going all the way to the sale of drugs. The substances that most draw law enforcements attention are illegal narcotics like meth, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, PCP, marijuana, and even prescription drugs. In many cases police will present evidence that indicate the defendant intended to sell the drugs so that prosecutors charge the offense as a felony. Evidence of intent to sell will often include packaging material, scales, evidence retrieved from cellphones, and in most cases the quantity of drugs itself. Trafficking, transporting, or selling drugs is a felony charge which often results in a substantial amount of prison time if convicted.

Burbank Assault and Battery

domestic batteryViolent crimes such as assault and battery are crimes that are taken very seriously by the police. Depending on the severity of the injuries and whether weapons were used assaults can in many cases be charged as felony offenses. Often the accused can have a legal defense to the crimes they are being charged with which is why they should consult with a criminal attorney in Burbank as soon as possible. Additionally, if the alleged victim of the attack was a family member, relative, or involved in a relationship with the accused there may be harsher penalties to face that can include a criminal protective order, and anger management classes, among other penalties. Convictions for these violent crimes can have long term effects on someone’s employment opportunities and their ability to find housing.

Burbank Criminal Threats

Burbank Criminal AttorneyThreatening to inflict bodily injury on someone is a crime that is taken extremely seriously in Burbank. The crime of criminal threats can be charged as a felony which has the potential exposure of a prison sentence with additional probation terms and conditions. Criminal threats come in many different forms such as verbal threats, text messages, emails and other forms of communication all of which law enforcement take seriously and pursue charges against. Cases involving accusations of criminal threats often do not meet the legal requirements put forth by the legislature or are so ambiguous that they do not amount to a criminal threat. Contacting an experienced criminal lawyer in Burbank is key when faced with charges of criminal threats.

Burbank Hit and Run

Burbank Criminal Law FirmIn hit and run offenses are actively pursued by law enforcement who allocate resources to apprehend hit and run suspects. Depending on whether there were personal injuries or just property damage hit and runs can be prosecuted as either felony or misdemeanor crimes. In many cases having a skilled Burbank criminal attorney handle the case from early on can make all the difference in a case being referred for criminal prosecution or not. In the majority of cases, a driver may have either not realized they were involved in an accident or they simply panicked. An experienced Burbank criminal lawyer will urge law enforcement and prosecutors to consider resolving the matter without criminal charges being filed.

Burbank Elder Abuse

elder abuse When a crime involves a victim who is over the age of 65 allegations of elder abuse may be charged. Elder abuse does not just refer to acts of physical harm against elders but it can also include financial crimes against elders. Usually those who bring forward allegations of elder abuse are family members who are involved in disputes over money. Elder abuse investigations can not only involve law enforcement but also the Department of Social Services. If convicted of elder abuse allegations the penalties can be extensive due to the fact that judges treat elders as particularly vulnerable members of society.

Burbank Burglary

burglary - Door of a HouseBurglary requires the entering of a dwelling of another while having the intent to commit a theft or other criminal offense. The criminal offenses that burglaries can involve are limitless however the majority of the time it will be a theft of property. Burglary charges are extremely serious and are often charged as felonies. If convicted of a burglary the penalties may include custody time served at a state prison along with repayment to the victim.

Burbank Juvenile Crime

juvenile crimeIf a crime is committed by someone who is under the age of 18 the matter may be taken up in the Juvenile Delinquency Courts. Juvenile Delinquency Courts are different from adult courts and they operate on a completely different set of policies, rules, and procedures. Juvenile crimes that most frequently occur in Burbank are drug related crimes, DUI offenses, vandalisms, crimes of violence, and thefts. Dealing with the Juvenile system can be an extremely difficult process for the whole family and having an experienced Burbank juvenile attorney is crucial.

Burbank Marijuana Offenses

marijuana possessionAlthough recent changes in the law have decriminalized some of the offenses that relate to marijuana there are still numerous crimes that are associated with marijuana that can result in very serious charges. Being in possession of large amounts of marijuana, driving with marijuana, or mailing marijuana can lead to either trafficking charges or possession for sales charges, which are both very serious felony charges. These charges can lead to lengthy sentences in jail or prison in addition to other collateral consequences. In many of these cases there may be a valid legal defense available that would either negate the crime or severely undermine the prosecution’s theory of the case. Anyone accused of a crime in Burbank involving marijuana should contact an experienced criminal defense law firm in Burbank.

Burbank White Collar Crimes

burbank white collar crime - Guy in a Suit with moneyWhite collar crimes often includes allegations of identity theft, embezzlement, and fraud. The allegations can involve any number of criminal offenses even including insurance fraud which may target professionals in the community such as lawyers and doctors. Oftentimes someone does not even know that they are the subject of an investigation until they are served with a search warrant by law enforcement. Having a skilled Burbank criminal attorney on your side is extremely vital when facing an investigation of white collar crime.

Burbank Embezzlement

burbank embezzlementEmbezzlement is a crime of moral turpitude which can have many lasting consequences if convicted. Much like theft, embezzlement involves the taking of money or items of value that have been entrusted to a party. Many of the investigations that involve allegations of embezzlement are against professionals in the community with no past criminal record who are often accused of taking significant amounts of money from employers. If convicted a defendant can not only be sentenced to serve prison time but they will also have to pay back the losses to the victim.

Burbank Identity Theft

burbank identity theftIdentity theft crimes can involve intricate theft schemes or can be as simple as taking and using a credit card without the owner’s consent. Recently law enforcement in Burbank have taken measures to apprehend identity theft suspects given the recent increase of these crimes. Identity theft crimes can be charged as felonies which can lead to extensive jail or prison sentences if convicted. Anyone facing charges of identity theft should contact an experienced Burbank criminal lawyer to combat these charges as soon as possible.

Burbank Credit Card Fraud

credit card fraudRecently crimes involving credit card fraud are on the rise in Burbank. These crimes have received a substantial amount of attention given the significant amount of money that is lost by individuals and financial institutions each year. These credit card fraud offenses are responsible for losses of millions of dollars each year which is why law enforcement has become so serious in apprehending credit card fraud suspects. The penalties involved with credit card fraud may include time in custody in addition to paying back money that was taken.

Burbank Warrants

warrantsIn Burbank there are numerous reasons why someone can be issued a warrant for their arrest. Many defendants are not even aware that there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest or that they have charges pending against them. Additionally, if a defendant misses a court date a judge usually issues a warrant for their arrest so that they appear in court. If someone has an active warrant out on them they can be arrested at any time and be held without bail. By having the representation of an experienced Burbank criminal defense attorney in most cases a warrant can be recalled without the defendant even appearing in court.

Burbank Expungements

expungementsIf someone has an old criminal conviction or even if they are on probation for a criminal conviction they may qualify to have their criminal record expunged. Filing a petition for expungement or a motion for early termination of probation will involve a hearing where the judge makes a determination to grant or deny the request. Anyone who is considering any form of post-conviction relief should contact an experienced Burbank criminal defense lawyer. Expungements like other forms of post-conviction relief have their own process which takes a certain amount of time and patience.

Burbank Robbery

burbank robberyThe crime of robbery is an extremely serious crime that if convicted can lead to a substantial sentence in custody given the fact that it is a felony level charge. Robbery is defined as the taking of property from another with the use of force or fear. Should a suspect use a deadly weapon during the commission of the robbery, prosecutors will often file allegations of such that will enhance penalties if convicted. Anyone who wants to know what legal defenses are available to them in order to combat charges of robbery should speak with a seasoned Burbank criminal defense law firm.

Burbank Extortion

burbank extortionThe crime of extortion can involve threats made to a victim in order for them to complete a proposed act which is usually paying the extorter a sum of money. In many cases extortion can be as simple as threatening to let out a secret that would harm someone’s reputation or a threat of harm to the victim. Those who are usually the targets and victims of extortion are those who are more affluent in the community, those who are targeted should contact an attorney as soon as possible. The penalties involved for an extortion conviction can include significant custody time in jail or prison and payment of restitution to the victim.

Burbank Prostitution

burbank prostitutionProstitution has become a crime that law enforcement has committed significant resources to including in the city of Burbank. Sting operations are frequently performed on both those who are paying for sexual services and those who are selling sexual services. These stings include both online sexual services and for those sexual services found in the streets. Having the representation of experienced Burbank criminal defense attorneys can help defendants avoid facing the embarrassment of personally going into court and fighting the charges on their own.

Burbank Receiving Stolen Property

receiving stolen propertyNot only is theft a crime that is on the rise in Burbank but receiving property that is known to be stolen is also another related crime that is actively being pursued in Burbank as well. If convicted of receiving stolen property a defendant may face a sentence of jail or prison in addition to paying back the amount the victim lost. In many cases those accused of receiving stolen property did not know that the property was stolen or may have another valid legal defense. Those accused of receiving stolen property should consult with a seasoned Burbank criminal law firm to combat these charges immediately.

Burbank Drunk in Public

Burbank Drunk In PublicAlthough it is not against the law to be intoxicated while in public, a variety of circumstances can lead to criminal charges based on someone’s level of intoxication. If someone is so intoxicated that they cannot care for themselves or they begin harassing others, they can potentially be charged with being drunk in public.

Burbank Forgery

Burbank ForgeryForgery is a crime that can lead to felony charges and is taken very seriously by law enforcement and prosecutors. When someone uses an official seal or the signature of another to commit a fraud related crime they have committed the crime of forgery. Oftentimes, a defendant will face numerous other fraud related crimes in conjunction with forgery. Given the fact that forgery is categorized as a crime of moral turpitude it can have many collateral consequences that can last long after the criminal case is over and done with. Anyone facing charges of forgery should contact an experienced Burbank criminal attorney.

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