Beverly Hills Criminal Lawyers

Beverly Hills Theft Crimes

theft crime in Beverly HillsWith numerous high-end boutiques and retail establishments, theft crimes are some of the most frequently committed offenses in Beverly Hills. Theft crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the amount of goods, services or cash stolen. In Beverly Hills, a seemingly simple shoplifting case can lead to felony charges when the value of the items taken exceeds $950. Local retailers take theft offenses very seriously and will often press for prosecution in all shoplifting cases. In many theft cases, the defendant may not have intended to steal or may have a valid legal defense. Anyone accused of a theft offense in Beverly Hills should consult with a qualified Beverly Hills defense attorney immediately.

Beverly Hills Lewd Conduct

lewd conduct in Beverly HillsThe Beverly Hills Police Department and other law enforcement agencies operating in and around the Beverly Hills will frequently conduct stings targeting individuals for lewd conduct offenses. In many cases, the agency will use undercover decoys positioned in parks, restrooms and other public places. Charges of this nature can be very embarrassing and it is critical that anyone arrested or cited for a lewd conduct offense should contact a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In most cases, these types of offenses can be handled discreetly without the defendant having to personally appear in court.

Beverly Hills Domestic Violence

domestic violence - Couple FightingDomestic violence is considered a high priority crime in the Beverly Hills area. Because of recent high profile domestic violence incidents, officers will arrest one or sometimes both of the parties involved in a domestic violence incident and the case can be referred for felony filing consideration. Even where the parties do not want to pursue criminal charges, the prosecution will often proceed with the case. Early involvement of a skilled Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer is critical and can often lead to charges being rejected or significantly reduced. Domestic violence convictions carry extensive collateral consequences with lifelong effects.

Beverly Hills Drug Crimes

drug crime - Marijuana and PipeLaw enforcement officers in the Beverly Hills area are constantly on the lookout for people using, possessing or selling illegal drugs. This includes illegal narcotics such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and PCP as well as legal controlled substances for which the defendant does not have a valid prescription. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors will often pursue felony-level charges when there is an indication that the defendant possessed drugs in order to sell them. Evidence such as the quantity of the drugs and the presence of material associated with drug sales will often be presented as evidence of intent to sell. Selling or transporting drugs is a felony-level offense that can result in significant criminal penalties for those convicted.

Beverly Hills Assault and Battery

assault & batteryAssault and battery offenses are violent crimes that are treated very seriously in Beverly Hills. Assault crimes range from misdemeanor offenses to serious crimes involving the use of deadly weapons or the infliction of serious bodily injury. In many cases, the defendant may have a valid self-defense claim and should speak with a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Beverly Hills immediately. If the victim of an assault or battery was a spouse, family member or household member, the defendant may be subject to specific sentencing requirements that would include a restraining order, restitution and mandatory community service. Assault and battery convictions on a person’s criminal record can have harmful effects on that person’s ability to find employment or housing.

Beverly Hills Criminal Threats

criminal threatsThreatening violence against another person is taken very seriously in Beverly Hills, even if the threat was made idly or without serious intent. Criminal threats is a potential felony and those convicted can be sentenced to prison or jail with extensive conditions of probation. The police will pursue charges against those who make verbal threats as well those who are accused of sending threatening text messages or emails. In some cases, the defendant may have been falsely accused of making threats by another person or the threat may be overly vague or otherwise does not meet the legal definition of a criminal threat. Having a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Beverly Hills is crucial when dealing with accusations or charges of making criminal threats.

Beverly Hills Hit and Run

Beverly Hills Hit And RunLaw enforcement agencies in the Beverly Hills area dedicate significant resources to investigating hit and run offenses and pursuing offenders. Hit and run can be charged as a misdemeanor when only property damage is involved and can lead to felony charges when another person is injured. Early intervention by an experienced Beverly Hills criminal defense law firm can often make the difference as to whether or not the case is referred for criminal prosecution. In many cases, the hit and run driver may have panicked or may not have realized that they were in an accident and the police or prosecutor may consider resolutions that do not involve criminal charges.

Beverly Hills Elder Abuse

elder abuse - Hand InjuryElder abuse in Beverly Hills can involve a number of different criminal offenses committed against those who are 65 or older. Elder abuse can involve acts of physical abuse committed against the elderly, either intentionally or by negligence. Elder abuse can also include financial crimes committed against those\over 65. In many cases, allegations of elder abuse will be brought by one family member against another where there are disputes over money and investigations can involve law enforcement agencies as well as County Department of Social Services. Criminal penalties associated with elder abuse convictions can be extensive as judges and prosecutors treat these cases very seriously.

Beverly Hills Burglary

beverly hills burglaryBurglary crimes committed in Beverly Hills can involve a number of different criminal offenses. Burglary is defined as entering a home or business establishment with the intent to commit a crime. Usually the underlying crime will be theft, however the underlying offense can be any felony. First degree burglary involves entering a dwelling where someone lives in order to commit a crime and second degree burglary involves entry into a commercial building, store or financial institute. Burglary offenses are considered very serious crimes that can be charged as felonies. A simple shoplifting charge can be filed as burglary if there is evidence that the defendant entered a store with the intent to steal, such as not having money to pay for items or possessing tools used to remove tags or security devices.

Beverly Hills Juvenile Crime

juvenile crimeCrimes in the Beverly Hills area committed by those under the age of 18 are handled in Juvenile Delinquency Courts separate from adult offenders. Juvenile courts operate by their own set of rules and policies and in certain cases juvenile crimes can be transferred to adult court. Frequent juvenile crimes occurring in the Beverly Hills area include DUI, vandalism, assault and battery, theft and offenses committed at school. Juvenile offenses can be extremely stressful for the entire family and retaining an experienced Beverly Hills juvenile attorney as soon as possible is critically important.

Beverly Hills Marijuana Offenses

marijuana crimeProposition 64 has removed many of the criminal penalties surrounding marijuana use and possession, however there are still a number of marijuana offenses in Beverly Hills that can lead to serious criminal charges. Possessing large amounts of marijuana or trying to mail marijuana out-of-state can lead to possession for sale or sales charges, which are serious felonies. In addition, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal and can lead to loss of driving privileges and jail time. There may be many defenses available to defendants accused of a Beverly Hills marijuana crime and having an effective Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney is imperative.

Beverly Hills White Collar Crimes

white collar crime - Person in a suitWhite collar crimes in Beverly Hills can involve a number of different criminal offenses, typically involving allegations of fraud and theft. White collar offenses include identify theft, real estate fraud, embezzlement and insurance fraud and investigations may target doctors, lawyers and other professionals. A person may only discover that he or she is the target of a white collar investigation when they are served with a search warrant at their home or office. The early intervention of a skilled and experienced criminal defense law firm in Beverly Hills is critically important when dealing with white collar investigations, which can often extend over months or even years.

Beverly Hills Embezzlement

embezzlement - Person with handcuffsEmbezzlement is a theft crime that involves the unlawful acquisition of money or goods by a person in a trusted position. Many Beverly Hills embezzlement investigations involve professionals with no criminal records who are accused of taking large sums of money from their employers or other trusted parties. These types of offenses are taken very seriously by judges and prosecutors and often result in felony charges. A defendant convicted of an embezzlement offense can be sentenced to serve time in jail or prison in addition to having to repay the victim for any losses incurred.

Beverly Hills Identity Theft

identity theftLaw enforcement agencies in the Beverly Hills area have taken steps to combat recent increases in identity theft offenses. These crimes can involve complicated theft schemes or can be as simple as using someone’s credit card without permission. Identify theft is typically associated with major fraud crimes and those charged with felony-level identify can face extensive jail or prison sentences, costly court fines and court-required restitution to the victims for damages incurred. A conviction for identity theft can lead to many collateral consequences and can severely impact a person’s future job or housing prospects.

Beverly Hills Credit Card Fraud

credit card fraud - lot of credit cardsCredit card fraud is an increasingly prevalent criminal offense in the Beverly Hills area and often involves the theft of significant amount of money or property. Credit card fraud offenses includes the use of readers to steal people’s credit card information and to manufacture fraudulent credit cards. Banks and individuals lose millions of dollars to credit card fraud each year and law enforcement agencies pursue these cases diligently. Credit card fraud can be committed by large groups of people or by individuals who happen to use another person’s credit card without permission. The penalties for credit card fraud can be steep and prosecutors treat these offenses very seriously.

Beverly Hills Warrants

bh warrantsThere may be a number of reasons why a person has a Beverly Hills warrant. Some criminal cases are filed as arrest warrants and the defendant may not even be aware that charges have been filed or that he or she has an active warrant. In other cases, the defendant may miss a court date and a bench warrant can be issued by the judge. If the defendant is on probation, he or she may miss a deadline or may violate a term or condition of probation and a warrant can be issued. When there is an active warrant, the defendant can be arrested at any time and may be held without bail. In many cases, an effective Beverly Hills criminal defense attorneys can have the warrant quashed without the defendant having to personally appear in court.

Beverly Hills Expungements

expungements in Beverly HillsPeople who have old criminal convictions or who are currently on probation for a criminal offense may be able to have their conviction expunged. Filing an expungement or a request for an early termination of probation must be completed in compliance with statutory law and anyone considering an expungement should speak with an experienced Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney. The Court will take many factors into consideration when determining whether or not to expunge a conviction or terminate a grant of probation and having suitable representation is highly advisable. The expungement process does not happen immediately and typically requires a court hearing where the judge determines whether or not to grant the expungement.

Beverly Hills Robbery

robbery - Person in a carRobbery is a serious felony in Beverly Hills that can lead to significant jail or prison sentences. Robbery involves that taking of property or money from another person by force or by threat of force and is always a felony-level offense. If the defendant used a weapon or a firearm, there may be enhancements that can increase the penalties assessed upon conviction. There may be several defenses available to someone who has been charged with robbery and anyone facing robbery charges should speak with an experienced Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyers immediately.

Beverly Hills Extortion

extortion - Money and GavelExtortion involves threatening someone in order to get them to perform a specific action or to pay the extorter and is considered a serious felony level offense in Beverly Hills. Extortion may involve exposing a secret or threatening to do something that would cause harm to the victim. Many successful individuals and professionals are the target of extortion offenses, and anyone who has been targeted should speak with an attorney immediately. Penalties for extortion can involve extensive jail or prison time and the defendant would be required to repay the victim for any damages incurred.

Beverly Hills Prostitution

prostitutionLaw enforcement agencies operating in and around Beverly Hills perform sting operations targeting both people looking to buy or sell sexual services. Operations may target people in cars or those who use the Internet to solicit or advertise prostitution services. These types of charges are very embarrassing and can be potentially devastating someone’s relationship or career. In many cases, a lawyer will be able to make all court appearances so someone facing prostitution charges would not have to personally appear in court. Courts and prosecutors are especially tough on people with multiple prior convictions or arrests for prostitution.

Beverly Hills Receiving Stolen Property

receiving stolen propertyIn Beverly Hills, it is illegal not only to steal property but it is also against the law to receive property that one knows or should know is stolen. Receiving stolen property is a potential felony and a person convicted can be sentenced to jail or prison and may be responsible for repaying the original victim for the value of the property. Many receiving stolen property charges involve vehicles that are sold way below market value and Beverly Hills Police Department officers constantly scan license plates for vehicles that may have been reported stolen.

Beverly Hills Drunk in Public

Beverly Hills Drunk In PublicWhile it is not necessarily illegal to be intoxicated in a public place, there are circumstances where a person’s level of intoxication or actions can lead to criminal charges in Beverly Hills. When an intoxicated person is unable to care for himself or herself or is picking fights with strangers in the street, he or she may be charged with drunk in public. Someone can also be charged with this offense if they are blocking a sidewalk or public route while intoxicated. Courts have even held that being passed out in one’s vehicle while parked in a public place is sufficient to support criminal charges of drunk in public.

Beverly Hills Forgery

beverly hills forgeryForgery involves the use of an official seal or signature in order to commit fraud. These type of crimes are taken very seriously in Beverly Hills and forgery is a potential felony that can result in lengthy prison sentences for those convicted. Someone can be charged with forgery for using the official seal of a state agency or can be charged if they sign someone else’s name to an official document. In many cases, a defendant may be charged with forgery as well as other white collar offenses. Forgery is considered a crime of moral turpitude that can have long lasting consequences for those convicted.

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